Saturday, January 4, 2014

This is Day 5

January 5, 2014
This is a photo of my work on this day's subject with set up.

I am not at all happy with my choices.  I thought I would stay on the theme of stuff in my office and I was working on a brief today so I chose that.  The above photo is my set up including the work in progress. 

 Several things went wrong I think.  I do not like my method of sketching in the whole thing.  I feel I would have been better off with my usual block in method and work up toward the light instead of drawing out the sheet of paper and then trying to work around it (Carol Marine has a phrase for that! I wish I could recall what she said).   I was thinking that since the sheet is such a crucial and recognizable item it was best to draw it as accurately as possible.  To me, it lacks the loose painterly feeling I enjoy about painting.

So, even though  I have until midnight of the 5th, I learned something from this exercise and do not feel it is a total loss.  Who knows ? Once it is dryer I may dabble back in and see if I can get to were I want it to be -    I do have 'til midnight.

The challenge was to paint 30 paintings in 30 days - not paint 30 master pieces LOL so its all good! Thanks for looking.  Feel free to leave your comments. 


 ©Peggy Schumm 2014


Tim said...

I hope what I told can help you become more creative. I am truly amazed at what my brain comes up with at times.

Peggy said...

HI Tim, I tried your meditation and came up with an idea of sorts but I can't remember cause I drifted off ! Sketch pad at my side.