Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 24 

Cream In My Tea


Oil on Canvas Board


Set Up for Painting
"Cream In My Tea"

Day 24, more Ellipses - I can't wait to get to Ann Feldman's workshop to hear about her "easy ellipses" !!! 

In case your wondering, I have 2 paintings going for Day 24.  However, the set up with the cherries the paint was just sliding around and making me crazy. I set it aside for the cup and creamer jug.  I simplified the shape of the tea cup and took off on the second painting for day 24 I Had to get one done!

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Donna Pierce-Clark said...

Interesting still life set up.

You stacked them, yes?

So, you would have multiple set ups ready to go, right?

Nice paintings by the way!